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Institute Potential

* R&D, application, transfer R&D products derived from research activities that relevant to oils and oil plants, bio-fuel plants, essential oils and materials for oil-processing plant.

* Production and doing business on oil crop seeds, essential oil seeds, bio-fuel plant seeds.

* Formulation and design of oil crop development strategies, technical and investment feasibility studies.

* Improve yield, production, quality of oil crops, essential oil crops, bio-fuel crops, ex-situ and on-farm conservation of these plant genetic resources.

* Organize science services, technology transfering, trainings, production and doing business that are relevant to oils and oil plants, oil processing plant, consultancy work …

* Quality analysis of oil and oil crop products, essential oil products for scientific research and quality management.

* Cooperate with local and international partners to do research, production and trading oleochemicals products, oil plants and essential oils.

Professional Ability Professional Ability
Professional Ability
Professional Ability
Commercial products
Virgin Coconut Oil And Processing
Products Processed From Cashew
The Production Of New Peanut Varieties VD2, VD6 And VD7 Have Achieved High Yield And Good Quality
The Success Of Production Sesame Variety V6
Two High Yield Hybride Coconuts JVA1 & JVA2
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